Integration with Octoprint, Klipper and Maker Faire anthill

Sept. 26, 2022, 2:24 p.m.

A lot has happened since the last time, so let’s get down to it:

1. Plugin for Octoprint

Every day we have around 5-8 new users who have installed the Karmen plugin to their Octoprint and can now control and monitor their 3D printers safely from anywhere.
If you have Octoprint, please give it a try and let us know how you like it.

2. Carmen Pill

We’ve fixed a few borderline cases where Pill would disconnect from Karmen Cloud under specific circumstances, and now we really don’t know of anything that doesn’t work. If you come across anything, please let us know - we will address it with high priority.

3. Maker Faire

We are a proud partner of Maker Faire CR and last weekend we exhibited in Prague. It was great and we are very happy for the feedback and support. If you are going to Brno on the penultimate weekend, take your rubbish from home, we will dispose of it together.





4. Development news

We are also expanding Karmen’s functionality and adding other gadgets. Sharing printers, videos, g-codes, etc. is our big priority. The public profile is already working, check out ours. You can create and set up a public profile in Karmen Cloud in the workgroup settings.
We have a new print dialog. With two clicks, you can start printing more or less from anywhere - for example, the “top right” print button is available for the entire time you are logged in.


Karmen - new print dialog

5. What can you look forward to?

We’re about halfway through the proof of concept integration with the Klipper firmware, so keep your fingers crossed. If you use Klipper in conjunction with Octoprint, you can start using it now - install the Karmen plugin in Octoprint and print via Klipper.

6. Feedback and social networks

Please let us know how satisfied you are with the Karmen solution, what you lack, what needs to be improved and what you enjoy. We will also be happy if you share and comment on our posts on social networks, or please do not hesitate to tag us, we will be happy to reshare your posts.

Have a nice summer and maybe we’ll see you at the Maker Faire in Brno at the end of October.


Karmen team