3D Printer Management Solution for Print Farms

Streamline your printing processes, enhance efficiency, and empower your print farm or company with Karmen’s cutting-edge solution.

Share the page with your clients or colleagues to keep them updated on printing progress and receive notifications when their prints are ready for pickup. Additionally Karmen also records time-lapse videos, perfect for marketing or as a client gift.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Clear user interface for intuitive navigation.
  • Secure access from anywhere for remote management.
  • Online status overview of all 3D printers in one place.
  • No reliance on SD cards—upload files directly online.
  • Seamless uploading of G-codes from slicers to Karmen.
  • G-code previews for print verification.
  • Task scheduling into print queues for organized workflows.
  • Automatic detection of printing errors for quick resolution.
  • Unlimited and structured repository of print files for easy access.
  • Public profiles and file sharing capabilities.
  • Notifications via email or phone for print updates.
  • Time-lapse videos for marketing or client appreciation.

Getting Started:

To have your 3D printers under control and available to colleagues or clients day and night, you only need to take a few steps:

1. Create an account on Karmen.
2. Connect the 3D printers.
3. Set up the slicer connection with Karmen.
4. Invite colleagues to Karmen.

Karmen Account

In Karmen, create your account where you can add unlimeted 3D printers and colleagues (users). Karmen anable four permission user levels. Each user can be a member of multiple workgroups, similarly, one 3D printer can be in multiple workgroups. More information can be found here.

Connecting 3D Printers to Karmen

Many of today’s FDM 3D printers lack the necessary hardware for a secure internet connection, requiring an external solution for this purpose. While Karmen Pill offers a ready-made solution, please note that shipping outside the Czech and Slovak Republics is currently limited. For orders within these regions, we handle the process individually. Feel free to contact us, please.

However, we offer comprehensive support and plugins for all 3D printers compatible with Octoprint and Klipper.

Slicer Settings

Following our guide is recommended to set up slicers to send G-codes directly to Karmen. This eliminates the need to export G-codes and upload them to Karmen or hassle with SD cards.

Karmen is provided on our servers (SaaS). For customers who require full control over data, we offer the option to install it on their own infrastructure (On-Premise).

Where Karmen Helps

Thanks to Karmen, numerous print farms and companies effectively manage and oversee their 3D printers. Whether it’s managing print queues, ensuring seamless operations, or much more efficient execution of orderst, Karmen has supported various print farms and companies in maximizing their 3D printing potential. Feel free to contact us or refer to entities that have benefited from Karmen’s solutions such as: