Octoprint Plugin


Step by step setup

Instalation of Karmen Connector plugin

Log into your octoprint like admin user.
Go to Settings => Plugin Manager and choose “GET MORE

Search Karmen Connector plugin and instal

Now you would be asked for rebooting your device to apply changes. Let’s do it!

Creating Octoprint secondary API key

We don’t recommend using Octoprint master API key. Please for Karmen Connertor create separate API key.

Go to Setting => Application keys
There you could name secondary key and create.
We chose karmenCLOUD to easy find his purpouse in future.


Adding printer to your Karmen workspace

Go to next.karmen.tech and assign to your account.
Click on Add printer.
In case you already have atleast one printer at workspace open Setting => Printers => Add Printer button.

Octoprint device option


Printer info

Now fill information like example below.
Printer name is your name of printer
Octoprint API Key is secondary API we generated in Octoprint

After pressing button you will get an unique device key.
This key would be used at Karmen Connector plugin settings.

Fill key to plugin

Go to Settings => Karmen Connector plugin, fill Device key and save settings.

Contacts & support

We’ll gladly answer all your questions or comments. Please get in touch at karmen@karmen.tech. Thank you for your interest and support!

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