Getting started

Welcome, here we go!

On this page, you will find information and instructions on how to connect your 3D printers to the Karmen cloud application and configure other related settings. Don’t worry, it may seem complicated, but you’ll be done in just a few minutes.

Karmen is compatible with Octoprint and Klipper

If your printer works with either Klipper or Octoprint, you’re good to go. However, if you have a different printer, please reach out to us.

In the left menu, please select how you will connect your printer to the Karmen cloud application. You can choose from the following options:
- If you have a printer controlled via Octoprint.
- If you have a printer controlled via Klipper.

Other documentation

We also have additional tutorials for you, including instructions on setting up direct file uploads from the PrusaSlicer to Karmen.

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We look forward to hearing your impressions and comments. Feel free to reach out to us through any of the following channels:

Thank you for choosing Karmen, and have a great day!
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