Karmen as a plugin in Octoprint, we are looking forward to the Maker faire and have other news

Aug. 31, 2022, 2:21 p.m.

A lot has happened and is happening here since last time. We’d love for you to read what’s new in Karmen - 3D Printer Remote Management Solution.

The Karmen Connector is officially available for download in the OctoPrint plugin repository. All OctoPrint users have the opportunity to connect their solution to the Karmen Cloud and use all the functionality that Karmen brings for free. We have worked on the documentation and we believe it will be easy to connect. If anything goes wrong, we are happy to help.


We will be happy if you stop by us at the Maker faire in Prague (September 17 - 18, hall 13) and Brno (October 22 - 23). Among other things, Karmen aims to reduce the amount of damaged prints and unnecessarily thrown away filament. We will collect litter at the stand, so please bring it to us and we will reward you for it. In addition, we will be happy to show you our entire solution and its benefits.


Maker Faire Czech Republic

In Karmen, you can now create public workgroup profiles and public content. We believe that the community will appreciate the possibility of sharing videos from the press and in the future also other content (photos, gcodes, stl, etc.).

We are planning to integrate Karmen with Klipper firmware. As a taster, we have for you blog by Lukáš Žídek, who tried installing Klipper in combination with the Creality Ender 6 printer. The result is better quality and faster printing.

There’s more in development, but you wouldn’t count that, see you in a month!

Thank you for your patronage and we wish you a nice end of summer!

Martin Burián