March newsletter

March 29, 2022, 2:01 p.m.

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Multimaterial at Průšů - via Karmen Pill, but also Octoprint, you can now easily change the material during printing. You can find out how here.

We have improved camera settings. For users with their own Octoprint solution without a camera, it is possible to turn off the image in the interface. Everyone else can re-rotate the image.

We cleaned up the gcodes. gcodes can now be sorted into folders similar to how a directory structure works.

We only ship via Zásilkovn and to a specific address, not just to the point of delivery.

We look forward to seeing you again this year at Maker Faire in Prague, where we will have a stand.

Are you wondering which 3D printers are compatible with Karmen Pill? The brands we’ve tested are these, but the Pill will work on any Octoprint-compatible printer, which is the vast majority of printers on the market:

  • Creality ENDER 3 - 7
  • Prusa Research printers
  • Artillery Genius
  • Anet A8
  • KRYAL Cube
  • FLSUN Speed Racer
  • Snapmaker A350

Do you have a custom solution built on Octoprint? Plug it in
cloud services
Karmen and use all functions for free. We have prepared instructions for you here.