New features in Karmen - solution for remote management of 3D printers

Feb. 15, 2023, 2:45 p.m.

Dear user,

We’re excited to share the latest updates on Karmen. This message won’t take more than 3 minutes to read, and we would appreciate your feedback on how Karmen is working for you and which features you’d like to see added.

G-code previews

Recently, we added the option to sort print files into folders and tag them. The next step is G-code previews directly in Karmen. This will help you find the right print job and also allow you to preview what the final print will look like, so you can identify any errors or imperfections in advance. For example, if you forgot to turn on support structures. 🙂.

gcodes previews

Error detection

We enjoy working with artificial intelligence and soon Karmen will notify you if it detects any errors during printing. We need to fine-tune the notification system, but we’re excited about this feature.

spaghetti detection

Recent events

A new section called “Recent Events” has been added to the main page, where recent actions in your working group are displayed in a clear way.

Karmen and Klipper

Similar to Octoprint, Karmen will also be available as a plugin for Klipper. Long live open source!

karmen klipper love

Karmen as a part of new 3D printer

We are preparing close collaboration with a new Czech 3D printer manufacturer. We cannot reveal the name yet, but we are excited to focus solely on developing the Karmen cloud application, and the new 3D printers will be ready for Karmen or remote management without the need to purchase additional hardware (such as Karmen Pill).

Sharing is caring

Sharing G-codes and timelapse videos is very popular among users. We plan to further expand public profiles and safe sharing of all kinds.

New users are joining Karmen every day. We are very happy about this and it makes sense and energizes our work. Thank you!

Have a nice day,


Karmen team