We tested Prusa Connect, added filament colors, and you can see where to meet us this spring?

April 3, 2024, 9:48 a.m.

Welcome to the spring news in Karmen - solution for remote management and online control 3D printer(s). It’s not long, so we’ll be glad if you read till the end 🙂

PRUSA MK4 and Prusa Connect Alternative

We purchased PRUSA MK4 and connected it via Prusa Connect. PRUSA MK4 is fun and great. We were quite curious about Prusa Connect, after all, it’s a competitive solution for Karmen … well, we think we can sleep peacefully … We’re not saying anything bad about this alternative, but we have a comparison table 🙂

Do you have experience with Karmen and Prusa Connect? We would be happy if you wrote us your comparison, impressions, and insights in the thread on our forum.

Public Profiles

If you mark your workspace in Karmen as public, add a description, logo, and website address, you will be able to easily share your tagged G-codes and videos with others through the public profiles portal on our website. Please note that only G-codes and videos marked as “public” will be visible.

Filament Type for G-code and 3D Printer

It is now possible to assign a filament type to the printer and G-code. Preview of print files will then be colored according to the specified filament, and in the future, we will also add alerts if the filament setting in the G-code does not match that of the 3D printer.



We are working hard on a data interface that will securely provide tech-skilled users with a lot of data from their workgroup for further use and applications. Our plans are ambitious, and many of our savvy users already use or are planning to use the API soon. It’s also a great motivation for school projects related to Karmen, such as those at Brno University of Technology, Secondary Technical School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering in České Budějovice, etc. More information can be found again on our forum.

Conferences, Workshops, Maker Faires

This year we are participating in many events where you can see firsthand how simple, safe, and intuitive it is to remotely control and monitor your 3D printers via Karmen. In the near future, you can find us at events such as:
- Computer in Schools Conference (March 27, 2024)
- Workshop at Gymnázium in Polička (April 11, 2024)
- Conference at ZŠ Jiráskova in Kladno (April 24, 2024)
- Workshops on 3D printing at Elixir Center in Mělník
- T-profi Competition (Talents for Companies) in Hluboká nad Vltavou (April 30, 2024)
- Maker Faire in Prague (May 11 and 12, 2024)

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Wishing you nice days and happy printing!
Karmen team