We are working on automatic error recognition and spreading joy

Nov. 28, 2022, 2:27 p.m.


we would like to inform you about the news in Karmen - a solution for remote management of 3D printers. As the number of users grows, so does our enthusiasm for further development.

Automatic error detection and user notification

Automatic print error detection is under research and development. We believe that soon users in Karmen will be alerted if the print appears to be corrupting.

We spread joy

We really enjoyed the Maker faire in Prague and Brno this year. User satisfaction gives us a lot of energy, which we try to return both in the development of new features in the application and also towards the community. And we’re glad someone noticed, judge for yourself:


More development news

The option to send your own GCode command directly to the printer. There is a new option to send your own GCode command in the printer control panel. If you don’t know what you would use this function for, it doesn’t matter at all, it is primarily for advanced users. But if it still doesn’t work for you, try sending the following command, which should play the sound:

M300 S2000 P1000

And if you would like to play the whole song, take a look here.🙂


We are also working on a public profile so that you can share videos while respecting all safety rules, and now also information about what printer is printing and a live stream from the camera.

We have improved the display of videos and controls on mobile devices.

New users at next.karmen.tech receive clear instructions on how to easily add their 3D printer and upload the first print files.


Feedback and social networks

We would like to ask you again if you would let us know how satisfied you are with the Karmen solution, what you lack, what needs to be improved and what you enjoy. Quality feedback helps us a lot. We will also be happy if you share and comment on our posts on social networks, or please do not hesitate to tag us, we will gladly reshare your posts.

We wish you a nice Advent and we will be here for you in the new year as well.


Karmen team