We have a new e-shop and we are integrating with Octoprint

June 29, 2022, 2:13 p.m.

Last time we boasted that Karmen 3D was bug free. So we focus on user clarity and smooth out individual functions.

We’ve better broken down what Karmen 3D is on the site

Karmen is a cloud service through which you control your 3D printers from anywhere. If you have a secure internet connection (e.g. via Octoprint) , just create an account and add your printers. It’s free!

You don’t have a 3D printer connected and you want one? We have Karmen Pill for you. A complete solution that allows you to easily and securely connect your printer and manage it from anywhere. We have a new eshop where you will soon find other goodies for 3D printing.


And what news can you find in Karmen?

  • We have improved the interface for controlling the printer (moving the print head, changing the temperature, etc.).

  • Especially for users with the Octoprint solution, we have added the option to edit the Device Key and Octoprint Api Key. This is useful if, for example, you have modified Octoprint’s security or changed the device you use to connect the printer to the Internet.

  • You can add a note to print files (g-codes) or change the name, see picture.


Finally, we would like to ask you. If you’re happy with Karmen, let others know on social media and in 3D printing groups. We would love a review or a @karmen3D tag on your prints or project progress on your social networks. We are happy to share your work further.

Thank you very much and we wish you a nice summer.

Martin Burian