We ran out of Raspberry Zero and turned off the Cloud

June 1, 2022, 2:11 p.m.

This concludes the review of bad news and we would like to share with you positive news in the development of Karmen over the last month.

Yes, that’s right, you can’t get Raspberry Zero anywhere in the world. That’s why we currently offer Karmen Pill at the same price on the more powerful Raspberry 3A+ platform.

In previous newsletters, we informed you about the new version of the Karmen Cloud application. After months of running the old and the new version in parallel, we shut down the old one and Karmen Cloud now only runs on “next”…


What have we improved and you will recognize it right away?

Videos of the printing process. We save the data flow, so the image from the video is restored faster only with the printer that you hover over with the mouse. Therefore, if you have multiple prints running at the same time, there should be no overloading of the data connection.

After starting the print, Karmen will automatically redirect you to the details of the printer and save you unnecessary clicking.

The new version of Pill and Cloud is no longer prone to errors. We have almost completely fixed all the problems and border situations, so we have free time on the hotline.

And what do we have in the backlog?

  • You will be able to easily add live image streams and basic print information (print time, print file name) from Karmen to your website and TV.

  • Not only schools are calling for the addition of user accounts with lower privileges. We hear it and include it in the development plan.

  • Karmen plugin for Octoprint - a simple way to connect your solution above Octoprint to our Cloud.

Martin Burián