Since 2019, we have been producing PRINT WITH SMILE 3D filaments for you in Prague Radotín, which are popular both for their quality and for their wide range of colors. Since 2022, we have also become a manufacturer of our own FDM 3D printers of the PWS400K brand, which will convince you with their performance and simple user interface with KARMEN remote management.

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Print With Smile - Progress in every layer. 3D printing with a smile!

What are we printing?

Timelapse videos

  • Venom_zubyD_část1_80%_PLA_3barvy.gcode
  • Dice_Tower_v3_6h9m_0,20mm_205C_PLA_136.36.gcode
  • schoulder_luca_5,5hod.gcode
  • piggy.gcode
  • 40 piggies - RR400K_profil_PS.gcode
  • bulbasaur_starter_1gen_flowalistik.gcode