Karmen for Print Farms and Other New Features

May 22, 2024, 9:27 p.m.

Following the upgrade for schools, we’ve focused on new features for Print farms in Karmen. However, we also have other news for you, and we’d be delighted if you take the time to read them.

We’ve compared Karmen 3D with the Danish solution Simplyprint

Recently, we compared Karmen with PRUSA Connect. Now we’ve tested the Danish solution Simplyprint. While Karmen is still free, most advanced features are behind a paywall. Our advantage lies in Karmen Pill and Karmen Hub, which are ready-made and pre-installed solutions ensuring easy and secure connection of 3D printers to the internet.

Do you have experience with Karmen, Simplyprint, or Prusa Connect? We’d appreciate hearing your comparisons, impressions, and insights in the threads on our forum.

Karmen for Print Farms

We’ve added new features for the convenient control of multiple 3D printers. You can manage all of them from one interface. These new features include the ability to bulk upload G-codes and initiate printing on multiple 3D printers simultaneously.


We’ve also included bulk toggling for turning camera feeds on and off. For printers that allow it out of the box (such as PWS400k), you can easily switch them on or off directly from Karmen with just one click.


Karmen Hub

The younger sibling of Karmen Pill is a device that also guarantees convenient control of a 3D printer anytime, anywhere through your Karmen account. However, if you prefer an Ethernet connection and have your USB camera, Karmen Hub is the optimal solution for you.



Progress Bar and Updated Homepage Design

In the previous blog post, we introduced how nicely we display G-code previews in the chosen filament color. Now, we’ve improved the user interface of the dashboard, where you can see the stage of printing for each printer, and you can turn off the camera feed to speed up page loading.


We’ve added search functionality in G-codes. Karmen can now search by filename, user, as well as by color and filament type.


Maker Faire Prague 2024

As always, we took part in Maker Faire in Prague, showcasing our new print farm named Beverly Hills 90210. Do you recall who Dylan dated?


So, that is all for now. If you enjoy using Karmen, we would greatly appreciate your support through sharing, commenting, and liking our posts on social media (account: @Karmen3D). We’re also eager to hear about your experiences with Karmen.

Wishing you a nice day and a great summer,
Karmen Team