Summer News in Karmen

July 11, 2023, 12:22 p.m.

We have fulfilled what we set out to do in February, and now we would like to introduce you to the new features in Karmen‘s remote management solution for 3D printers.

Enjoy reading and have a fantastic summer!

Automatic Error Detection

Karmen features artificial intelligence that diligently monitors the printing process via webcam. If an error is detected, users receive notifications, which can be easily disabled or customized in the application settings.

Spaghetti alert

Karmen part of new PWS400k Printers

The new PWS400k printers from Print With Smile come with Karmen pre-installed. After unpacking the printer, all you need to do is set up the Wi-Fi connection, pair the printer with your Karmen Cloud account, and you can securely print and monitor the printing process from anywhere and at any time.


This also relates to our new plugin for Klipper. If you use Octoprint or Klipper and want to control your printers outside of the internal network, Karmen is the ideal tool.

New Forum

We have a brand new forum where we will be happy to discuss and respond to your questions and requests. It’s also a place where we encourage you to share your experiences and help other 3D printers. The address is simple:

Maker faire

Continuing our tradition, we actively participated in the Prague Maker Faire. showcasing our Karmen 3D solutions alongside a new Crane machine designed for children. Throughout the two-day event, we were delighted to see a constant flow of children visiting our booth, bringing us great joy.

At the end of Saturday, we joined fellow exhibitors and makers at the after-party, where we raised glasses of wine in celebration.It was a wonderful opportunity to mingle, express our gratitude for their hard work, and commend the creative energy they invested in their projects.

Maker FAire Prague 2023

Upcoming Plans

During the summer, we plan to focus on advanced integration of Karmen into Print With Smile 3D printers. We also plan to expand public profiles to include 3D printers (currently limited to G-codes and timelapse videos)..

In the “MVP” development stage, we have the Print Queue, which is a list of G-codes that need to be printed for a specific project or order. From the print queue, it will be a small step towards further automation. However, I can’t reveal more details at the moment…

We want to build a community around Karmen on social media and our new forum. We kindly request you to share our posts about Karmen and 3D printing, as well as your own contributions.

Thank you for your support, and we wish you a wonderful summer.
Karmen Team